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Hartwood Design

Onederful Daisy Personalized Birthday Card Keeper

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Birthday cards for your little ones hold special messages from friends and family members that you want to cherish for a lifetime! Instead of shoving them into a drawer never to be seen again, our personalized birthday card holders provide an aesthetically-pleasing means of organizing your cards.

Reduce the clutter, and flip through these special memories for years to come!

What's Included:

1 Personalized Birthday Card Holder
2 Binder Rings

Material & Size:

Made using a mix of 1/8" Baltic Birch Plywood & Acrylic. Total length is about 9in. tall & about 6.5in. wide.

**Please Note**

Items are custom made to order and due to the nature of the wood, the overall appearance will vary slightly from piece to piece.

Thank you so much for your order <3.